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The words of the song “Sunrise, Sunset” from Fiddler on the Roof have long resonated within my soul. Indeed one season follows another in the story of our lives, bringing challenges, disappointments, and heartaches, but not without splashes of hope and sprinklings of happiness. This collection of devotional readings, an excellent resource for holiday programs and publications, gives fresh meaning to the seasons and holidays of the year. So pour yourself a cup of tea, grab your Bible, and head for your comfy chair to savor a cup of inspiration, a spoonful of encouragement, and a generous outpouring of the milk of God’s love. SELAH!



Michele has a real gift for applying Scripture to everyday life. Through her words and shared stories, with both humor and candor, she encourages her readers to find hope and inspiration in all the mundane happenings of life. In her new book, God, Me, and a Cup of Tea for the Seasons, she helps us create a unique connection between the special days we celebrate throughout the year and our faith in the God who loves us. As a leader of our women’s group at church, I have often used readings from her first devotional in our meetings. I can hardly wait to share this book as well! –
Gay Hankinson

Her devotions read like she is sitting across from you just sharing from her heart.” – Diana Pederson, 

“Michele Huey’s gift is to take God’s Word and translate it into deep-in-the-trenches, real-life solutions for our everyday problems. In this series of seasonal devotions, she takes us by the hand and shows us how to turn our stresses into joyful nuggets of wisdom that keep us going day after day. Michele helps us grow a rich tapestry of faith spring, summer, fall, and winter.” – Patricia Lorenz, inspirational, art-of-living writer and speaker, author of seven books and top contributing writer to the Chicken Soup for the Soul books

“What better way to enjoy the seasons than curled up in a comfortable chair with a steaming cup of tea and a spoonful of encouragement from one of Michele Huey’s delightful books!” –Cyndy Salzmann, Christian author and speaker

“Your words always touch my soul. Beautiful. You write in such a way that it makes me feel like I’m there in the situation you are telling.” – Ribcca, blog reader

“I read Michele’s newspaper column with a pen and my journal, because she always gives some nugget of spiritual wisdom that I want to record.” –Betsy Sisitki


GMPM1 bookcover frontReclusive romance novelist Melody Harmon, her career on the skids, flees to her writing retreat in the Pennsylvania mountains rather than team up with Don Bridges, an ex-cop turned suspense writer. When she discovers caches of cash—to the tune of a million dollars—she assumes it’s her late husband’s gambling winnings. Then dead bodies start popping up. Don wants to help her solve the mystery, but she doesn’t know if she should trust him. Can Melody overcome the pain of betrayal and learn to trust before the killer strikes again? (PennWoods Mystery Book 1)


“I was compelled to keep reading long past dinnertime and bedtime. Michele’s vivid descriptive details and fast-moving action scenes kept me in my seat from the first page to the last.” – Karen O’Connor, author and speaker

“In this novel, Michele Huey balances the backdrop of the beautiful western Pennsylvania mountains with mysterious circumstances to produce a Christian novel that will give the reader a cardiac workout. The writing stuns the reader with its poetic turn of phrase, skillful weaving of clues, and loveable characters. This book will keep you guessing.” – Cass Wessel



Forty years after meeting, falling in love with, and marrying Dust Off pilot Seth Martin then losing him when he’s declared MIA during the Vietnam War, Evangeline “Vangie” Martin decides it’s time to move on. After having him declared dead, she heads to a mountain resort for her fortieth high school reunion, hoping to reconnect with her high school sweetheart. But fate has other plans. The resort caretaker is none other than her Seth, but with no memory of his life before being shot down. When he refuses to acknowledge his true identity, Vangie must make a decision: If she is to have the love she’s waited for so long, she must forget the past and accept Seth as he is now. But can she?

NOTE: This is a second edition of the book published in 2014. Same wonderful love story, but with a different cover and a new publisher–yours truly, who is now an independent author-publisher. 


“Wow! What a enthralling story by a most talented writer. The authors retelling of the Vietnam era, is so surreal, I felt like I was there, I even covered my head and ducked as the bombs exploded. The story is filled with suspense, compassion, and inbounding love. I find myself, still wishing I was going home to read this book. It is hard to find another read that is so engrossing as this one. It is one that you do not want to miss. I highly recommend this book to everyone.” – Amazon review by deha

“From the first sentence to the final words etched in granite, The Heart Remembers by Michele Huey grabs the reader and won’t let go. I can heartily recommend this incredibly well written, researched, and crafted novel about the Vietnam War, about love lost and remembered, about family and faith, and about never giving up hope.

Told in two parts, in two continents and in two eras, the first part rockets the reader into 1970 Vietnam’s PTSD generating war zone. The story pumps adrenaline through the reader’s body, and pummels war’s sights, sounds and stench into the mind. This must read book will not disappoint the reader seeking an action packed novel, nor will it disappoint the reader looking for a suspense riddled romance.

Told in the first person by nurse, Evangeline Blanchard, her tour of duty thrusts her into a bloody OR and dives her into a bunker beneath exploding rocket bombardment. She meets hero Seth Martin, a helicopter Dust Off pilot who romances her through hilly Vietnam’s gardenia dotted countryside, but leaves her fretting with each rescue mission. Will the sparks flying between these two, burst into love?

The second part opens in the year 2007 as snappy dialog between retired nurses Vange Blanchard and Michaelena Molinetti pepper the drive along I-80 to a class reunion. As these two best friends speed through the green hills of Pennsylvania to a peaceful cabin along the Clarion River, the past collides with the present. Among Cook Forest’s old growth trees, along the peaceful river, opportunities for love flow their way. Will their once-in-a-lifetime-love find them or will they leave their reunion, alone . . . and lonely?

 Michele Huey’s debut novel will keep you reading, cheering, nail biting, laughing, crying, rooting, and even praying for the characters to find their happily ever after. I give this novel five stars!” – Amazon review

Formerly titled Before I Die

“Before I die, I want to fall in love again,” says Linda Laverly. She wants to experience deep in her soul that head-over-heels, I’m-crazy-about-you feeling just once more. Time is running out, she thinks; her sister died at fifty-five, and Linda is just one year shy of that milestone. So she leaves Brian, her predictable, dependable, faithful, but unromantic husband of thirty-two years to try to find a spark again.

Is her quest worth risking her family, her job, her reputation, her faith? As she wrestles with issues of aging and self-image, anger and betrayal, she finds the love she’s longing for where she least expects it. But if she’s to have it, she must make the one sacrifice she isn’t ready to make.

NOTE: This is a second edition of the book published in 2014. Same wonderful love story, but with a new title, different cover, and a new publisher–yours truly, who is now an independent author-publisher. 


“I really enjoyed Michele’s debut novel and downloaded this one as soon as it was available. I was not disappointed. This book paints such a clear picture of how a couple can get so caught up in life and all of its distractions and lose focus on what a marriage should be. It is also a touching story of how there are second chances for finding happiness in a marriage and making that marriage what God intends it be. I really enjoyed this book and it is one I do recommend.” – Ann E.

“I enjoyed Before I Die and was hard put to put it down before I finished it. Michele has a way of drawing you into the stories and identifying with the characters of her books. So many emotions that are true to life pop up in this book and make you realize you have gone through that too or felt that way too. I give this book five stars and would recommend it to my friends.” – Grandma Four-eyes, Amazon review

Coming soon

Life is anything but a sweet plot for romance novelist Melody Harmon. Not only is she under contract to work with ex-cop-turned-suspense writer Don Bridges, but he’s also her on-again, off-again boyfriend—currently off again.

But when cast members of the local production of The Hound of the Baskervilles turn up missing, the director asks them to solve the disappearances discreetly. According to legend, the old sawmill-turned-playhouse is haunted—by ghosts known to abduct a human or two on occasion. Then the director’s mauled body is found in the woods surrounding the mountaintop theater, and Don’s granddaughter Kadie, a junior member of the cast, vanishes without a trace.

Police say wild dogs killed the director and Kadie ran away. “It’s only a legend,” they insist. But is it? Melody and Don must put aside their differences, defy the police’s orders to back off the case, and find Kadie before it’s too late. (PennWoods Mystery Book 2)


GOD, ME & A CUP OF TEA: 101 devotional readings to savor during your time with God

Looking for hope and encouragement in the everyday trenches of life? In this collection of my devotional readings, you’ll find what readers of my weekly award-winning newspaper column have found for more than 20 years: a cup of inspiration, a spoonful of encouragement, and a generous outpouring of the milk of God’s love . . . Savor and SELAH!

Now available for your Kindle. Print edition coming soon. Click here to download your copy. Makes a great gift, too!




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